Stitch Fix Review

Been a few months since I posted anything and when I do it’s a review for another website. I decided to air out my thoughts and feelings here because they only want to know one reason why I’ve cancelled my account. Truthfully, it’s more than just one reason.

Stitch Fix is a great idea, but for a limited number of people: those who are on the trendy side of clothing. It’s for the adventuresome woman (though they do offer ‘fixes’ for men and children) who is willing to try just about everything. I decided to give them a try when I was burnt out with finding business casual clothing for my part time job. I can never seem to find anything that I like locally so I figured maybe a total stranger with a general idea of what I like to wear would be the answer. Maybe they would have access to clothing that would appeal to me.

For those who are completely unaware of how Stitch Fix works, it’s basically a clothing subscription site. They will provide everything, top to bottom, to fill your wardrobe, including accessories. You create an account, tell them your sizing and then give them a general idea of what you like to wear – mostly by choosing between two outfits, this or that style – then indicate your ideal price range and await your first fix (shipment). If you know that in June you have a wedding to attend, you can let them know ahead of your shipment in June (or nearest June as they have different levels of frequency) that you need an outfit to wear to said wedding, they will pick items appropriate for your needs. You then receive 5 pieces in your fix along with a self-addressed, postage paid bag to ship everything you don’t want back in. Once you’ve received your fix and keep or return items, you then go back to their website and let them know what you liked or didn’t like for each piece.

First fix I received contained a scarf, a pair of jeans, a pair of dress pants and two tops. I consider scarves an accessory so that was one mark against them as I stated I didn’t want accessories. I had just purchased jeans the month prior, so I sent the ones in my fix back. I kept one sleeveless top because it would go well with the required blazer I have to wear at my part time job. I returned the other top, too, because it was made of a material that would cause a lot of static. After putting my returns in the mail, I signed in to my account and went through all of the steps to let them know what I liked and didn’t like. I think I also liked the trousers, but they were too pricey.

Second fix I received contained a scarf, jeans, two tops and a long light weight sweater. I liked the color of the sweater so I kept it, though now I realize it’s going to be a pain to match it with anything. Also, second mark against them was that my stylist didn’t listen to what I wanted. I’d indicated no jeans and no scarves, but still got both.

I received my third and final fix yesterday. FINALLY, no jeans. Still a scarf, though. But the trousers they included, though I love them, I returned because they were above my price range.

So I canceled my account, mostly because I am going through a big career move that won’t require me to dress up, therefore I have no need for their services. Also, I can’t really afford the clothes they send. Lastly, the stylists really need to pay attention to the feedback. I mean my girlfriend decided to try it and indicated from the start no jeans; when she got her first (and last) fix, there were jeans inside.