Why Be Rude?

I work for a local (stage) theatre and when shows are here, staff sometimes (but not always) get a discount on the merchandise sold. I realize this is a mere convenience for the staff and the merchandise people are not required to give us any sort of discount. But I don’t believe that they need to be rude to someone who has tried to follow their rules only to be delayed by work. Case in point the traveling production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Cinderella has been here this week and I worked two shows: Friday night and Saturday night. I checked out the merchandise they had for sale on Friday night with the intention of buying what I wanted on Saturday night. They had two rules which we were told about: 1. they prefered credit card to cash and 2. we had to wait until after intermission. So I arrived at work on Saturday and I tucked my credit card into my pocket, ready to make my purchase just after intermission.

Unfortunately, during intermission, I was told that I had to look out for someone on the front row on my side of the orchestra area recording. So my boss told me I had to watch for the violator resuming their recording once the show began again. I did so, and stayed for perhaps 5 minutes at the spot where I was meant to watch. My boss was nearby and watched as well. When neither of us saw any violation going on, we both walked out. I went immediately to the merchandise counter to make my purchase. The guy who was there very rudely informed me that if I was looking to get the staff discount, I was too late. The woman who was apparently the only person who could possibly handle the transaction was gone. I said, “But we were told we had to wait until after intermission and I did.” Apparently that didn’t matter and I could return for the next day’s matinee performance and try again. Only problem is I wasn’t scheduled for any additional shows.

Just because you’re doing someone a favor doesn’t mean you have to be a complete dick about it. My co-workers who were scheduled to work another show offered to make the purchases, but I do not want to give my money to people who treat me like shit. I realize none of them will ever read this nor if they did would they care. I will never get an apology on any level and that, I guess, should say something about the company and the people they hire.