Result of Smaller Government Part 1

Hey Republicans!!!!

Listen up!!! This is what happens when you take money away from random government agencies. Who are these CHILDREN and MENTALLY DISABLED supposed to turn to when the government says, “Sorry we can’t afford to help you.” Eh?

Privatized Foster Care (let me give you a hint as to what happens in the story, ‘pubs: the child is DEAD)

But happiness because there’s a smaller government.

~ One Pissed Citizen

Hollywood and Broadway

I have a part time job at two theatres in town (run by one company so I work at both) and I was talking to an associate recently about what Broadway shows have potential to come to my hometown in the future. There aren’t many shows on tour which haven’t been here already in quite recent memory. If a show comes back within 2-3 years, are the seats going to sell out as fully as they did the first time? Highly doubtful. And then what are you left with?

At the same time, though, there are fewer and fewer new shows out there. The Phantom of the Opera was here recently and while it’s been 20 years since it was here last, it’s a revival show, as are Chicago and Les Miserables.

Hollywood is becoming the same way. Film franchises like Batman have been redone many times and they just keep adding onto the series, no matter how long it’s been. There’s a new Star Wars film fans are anticipating now, a new Jurassic Park, a new Terminator film. When will it end? Hollywood has gotten on a major kick of “rebooting” old movies in the hopes that they can cash-in on the brand name yet again, to fill their fat cat pockets.

Our two main industries of entertainment – film and theatre – are going to run themselves into the ground revising, revamping, rebooting the blockbuster shows/movies, because sooner or later, people are going to get tired of seeing Star Wars 22 or seeing the entire story of Chicago played out on stage by two people.

Hollywood and Broadway producers need to stop worrying about whether or not every single movie/show out there will make them a ton of cash and step out on a limb. Take your hands out of your fat cat pockets and take a chance on the Off-Broadway shows that are doing well, or even moderately well. Hollywood needs to delve deeper into the unknown comic book characters/stories instead of redoing the ones we all know. I, for one, loved Guardians of the Galaxy (saw it three times at the cinema) and had no idea it even existed. Leave the cult classic movies – like Ghostbusters – alone and look at sleeper hits like Pitch Perfect.

You’re loosing your mark as the place to film movies, Hollywood. Wake up now before you find yourself not even the main place to be a movie star…

Lots of Thoughts Starting with Elections

There’s been a lot on my mind lately. Just crap I want to spew. I remembered how I have this blog and that’s pretty much why I have it, right? Lol

The stuff currently on my brain is the elections we’ve just had. I’m gonna say it straight up: politics is fucked up. Plain and simple. I’m not talking this specific election cycle. I’m talking about politics in general.

First of all, politics is the only job in the country where experience counts against you instead of for you. How is it not a benefit if that seniority gets you onto committees or even the chairman/woman of certain committees?

Second, why don’t politicians apply for these jobs the way normal people do? We submit our resumes and wait for the decision to be made by those doing the hiring (We the People). Alternately, we normal folk could always apply for our jobs the way politicians do: find out who else has applied for the job and create a smear campaign for the other job candidates and do our best to discredit them in the eyes of our potential employers.

Third, it seems to me that if people wanted real change, they’d break out from their comfort zones of the Democratic and Republican parties in favour of something new and fresh. We only ever have the two parties on the ballot at any given time with a few candidates at the lower levels who are Libertarian, so let’s get away from that. More parties would force these idiots to work harder for your vote and for the privilege of remaining in office.

Robin Williams

There’s so much going on in my head about the death of Robin Williams that I scarcely know where to begin.

My heart aches for his daughter Zelda who left social media because of the negativity she’s gotten, probably because a lot of people view suicide as a coward’s way out. All I can say to those people, is that I fervently pray something like this happens to you. Maybe then you’ll figure it out.

Others equally insensitive wonder what he could have possibly needed to be depressed about. He’s got fame and fortune. To those people I’d say, you are a shallow human being if you truly believe that all that is required for happiness is fame and fortune. And depression is not a need. It’s not something that’s required to live your life. In fact, as in Robin’s case, it’s enough to destroy your life.

I have known of many many celebrities who have died during my lifetime, but for some reason Robin Williams’ death has hit me hard. Yesterday I sat at my desk at work and teared up reading the responses of his friends and other celebrities with whom he worked. I teared up again this morning when I saw bits of Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to him.

It deeply, deeply saddens me that a man who was clearly loved by all who came in contact with him – both in person and on the screen – was so troubled in his heart that the only way he felt he could escape the pain was to end his own life. He spent his life making others laugh, yet the laughter, I suppose, didn’t quite reach the deepest part of him.

I hope that Robin is now finally at peace and that time will heal the family he left behind.


A selfish rant (but aren’t they all?)

I love my friends. I really do. I am thankful every moment of every day for them. Without them, I’d be a pretty fucked up individual and more than likely would not have made it to this age. Two in particular seem to keep me emotionally afloat more than the rest and nothing I’m about to say is a poor reflection of any of them and their friendship.

I was browsing through Pinterest this morning and saw this graphic of words that friends have told me in one form or another over the years and it finally dawned on me why I dislike being told these words. It’s something to the affect of “if it’s meant to be, it will happen.” As I saw those words on Pinterest, I realized that I don’t like those words because it feels to me like a nice way of saying, “no matter what you want in life, you’re never going to get it.” I feel like I don’t deserve anything in life – not love, not happiness and I certainly don’t deserve the friends I have – so why bother looking for any of it?

I don’t know the answers to anything. I’m just trying to figure all this out and find a sign that just maybe I do deserve love and happiness and a whole bunch of other stuff and it will happen.

The Over-thinker

I’m a writer. At least on good days I’d like to think I am. My problem is perfection. Of course most artists are perfectionists, but I’ve also been an editor. I know what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of publishing. It ain’t easy.

My friend recently asked me if I would consider self-publishing – which I would because I know it can lead to a traditional publisher finding your work – but I can’t get anything written. Why? Well, because I over-think things. There is one story I’ve had for a few years now and it has evolved over the years, yes, but it’s gotten out of hand and I just over-think this idea until it’s something twisted and ugly and not what I want at all.

I just haven’t figured out how to stop myself. I claim to be a writer, I want to be a writer, but I can find a million other things to do besides writing. I don’t live and breathe writing like every other writer out there. And I don’t know what to do about it.


Under Bush it was ‘No Child Left Behind’. Under Obama it’s ‘Common Core’. Though I’m not a parent and not a teacher, I’ve been thinking about education in this country lately.

The two programs developed during the administration of two very different presidents seem to be, at their hearts, a means to raise the standards of education in this country so that we can adequately prepare our children to compete on a global scale.

No Child Left Behind was bad in that it pushed students through the system, regardless of their preparedness to move onto the next grade level. Students are evaluated based on one standard and does not take into account how different students learn differently and may have individual needs.

Common Core seems to want to establish a standard across the country for all schools regardless of state. I would assume that this is so that if a family relocates from one state to another, any school age children will not have to spend time catching up to what the new school is teaching or waiting on everyone else to catch up. The standards have changed the way students are reaching answers in mathematics so dramatically that parents are unable to help their own child if the child does not understand how to do the work for him-/herself. I have not seen any criticism of the language arts aspect of Common Core, but I’m sure there are some lurking around. Again, though, Common Core seems to ignore the fact that children learn at different speeds and through different methods.

When you have such a large country as the United States, divided into smaller sections with a will and mind of its own, standardizing anything is difficult. Imagine parents with 50 different children, each with their own personality, opinions on everything, desires on how they each see the future, etc. To get 50 individuals to agree on something can be difficult and that each of those individuals represents millions more makes the task even harder.

I don’t know what the answer is to improving education in this country, but I do know that we need to find a way to actually engage the students in their learning. I am somewhat familiar with the education system in England and like the way that in the final few years of high school, students take classes in a manner similar to college: whatever they plan to study in college is what they study in high school. So if a student is going to study art in college, they study only art in the last year or two of high school. However, I still believe that maths and language arts should be taught through grade 12 as there are still so many with a poor grasp of grammar and always need a calculator for the very basics of maths.

Perhaps thinking outside the box is what we need and outside the country.