Me and you and a two man crew

I really have no idea where I came up with the title for this blog post. It just sort of popped into my head.

When I logged on a few minutes ago, I looked at my last post from March and how I’d lamented about neglecting this blog. The truth is, this blog has been neglected because of three other blogs I juggle that are far more popular than this one. They’re popular because they’re focused on specific subjects rather than my personal life. Still, this blog is useful to have because I find myself wanting to stray more to personal stuff on one of the blogs. So, I’m going to be reworking the look of this blog and probably going back to the original name (which is part of the URL) and hopefully liven things up again.

On a different note, I’ve really had my empathic abilities worked this week and it’s only Wednesday. A friend I haven’t heard from in months popped up on Yahoo! Messenger (yeah I still use it… don’t judge!) saying her life is all kinds of chaos and she needs balance. We talked further and apparently there have been a lot of changes in her life and boy could I feel the turmoil. It’s nothing I couldn’t handle, but it’s just one of the many reminders I’ve had over the last few months of my abilities. I’ve learned that being an empath gives me one ability that stands out above the others: the ability to see the true value of someone even when others don’t or can’t. I can see the good in someone when all they see is bad. I knew someone once through blogging who seemed to be going through a rough time. I had no idea how to help her nor if I could (ultimately I couldn’t) and then our lives drifted in separate directions. I’ve thought about her on various occasions over the years, wondering what happened to her, if she’s okay, if her life got onto the path she wanted it on. This was someone I see now that I barely knew, yet I wanted so much positive energy to just surround her and grab her tight. I guess I can only chalk that up to being an empath, because I doubt anyone else would give two rat’s asses about someone they hardly know.  But I did and I still do. I hope wherever she is, she somehow knows at least one person cared back then and still does.

Ciao for now.