Speaking to the Wind

I’m writing this by special request.

14 February 2018 – Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 17 people injured. Another 17 people had their lives brutally stripped away by a 19 year old.

5 November 2017 – Sutherland Springs Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas. 20 people injured. Another 28 people had their lives brutally stripped away by a 26 year old.

1 October 2017 – Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada. 851 injured. Another 58 people had their lives brutally stripped away by a 64 year old.

12 June 2016 – Pulse, Orlando, Florida. 58 people were injured. Another 50 people had their lives brutally stripped away by a 29 year old.

I could go on, but I think these few statistics will suffice. None of the perpetrators had anything in common, really, other than a desire to murder others. What is common among these few and every single other mass shooting is that we as a country have done nothing to change the narrative. A special interest group controls the narrative of this country. The National Rifle Association has this country by the balls.

Before I go any further, I’m going to state that I firmly believe in the right of every adult in this country to own a gun. What I do not agree with is that every adult in this country has a right to a gun like the AR-15, most recently used in each of these mass shootings I have listed above. What need is there for a gun that shoots multiple bullets with an extended pull of the trigger? Hunting? That’s truly laughable. If you need a gun that nearly sprays bullets to take down an animal, you’re a shitty hunter and have no business hunting. Multiple bullet holes are the last thing a hunter needs in any carcass as that would ruin it. Real hunters go for the single shot where it will kill instantly and not leave the animal in needless pain.

Since we as voting adults refuse to change the narrative, those teens who survived the latest mass shooting are taking things into their own hands. I say GOOD FOR THEM! Adults are clearly unable to or unwilling to do anything about the laws, so I will follow these kids where they lead. If it’s clear to no one else, it’s clear to me. If these kids want to skip school to protest in Florida or in DC; if they want a walk out; whatever they want to do in order to get things changed, by god they should do it. I’ve seen this silliness a few times:


No. Just… no. We do not get to tell these teenagers how to deal with any of this. We don’t get to dictate how they pursue change.  Since we adults have failed them to the point that they have lost friends over something we seem to be a-okay with, we don’t get a say in things. We only get to support them and listen to the change they want because they are on the verge of voting and they will remember and they will be the tide that washes away all of what is held so dear.

As for being nice to everyone? That’s on all of us as a society. Children don’t enter this world hating some and loving others. Hatred is learned from parents and family members who are anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBT and go to church every Sunday where they pretend to be the model citizen. We should not lecture to children about being nice to others who are different from us if we show them by our actions that we hate everyone who is different from us.

I know I’m talking into the wind on this, but someone asked me to blog about it, so I have. I hope these kids do something none of us could ever do.