No Takers for White House Jobs

Well well well. Now that the Thugs have allowed this bed to be made, no one wants to lie in it. Perhaps he should dip into the well of his supporters and give them the jobs he promised.

WASHINGTON — An already shallow national security bench is getting thinner for the Trump White House as government workers and national security hands worry over possible blowback from accepting a job with the incoming administration.

“Normally you’d be attracting the best and brightest at the beginning of an administration, but people are nervous,” one US intelligence official said, requesting anonymity to discuss the transition. “Is this a sure bet, or is this a house of cards that’s going to fall apart?”

The Trump transition team has already started farming Capitol Hill staffers and Washington think tanks for potential administration gigs, but there’s a running hesitation over what a position with the Trump White House even looks like, and whether it could be kryptonite for future career advancement, particularly within the national security world.

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