Assholes in Charge

I’m very angry right now, so you’ll have to tolerate the fruity language if you want to continue beyond the fruity title.

Today I received a text from my girlfriend informing me that she had been fired. I’m not sure of the details – i.e. if she’s fired from the security company she works for or has just been removed from the site she’s been at for the last number of years – but I know the cause. She had “friended” her site supervisor and within the last month to month and a half, this supervisor read opinions expressed by my girlfriend which she disagreed with. The logical thing to do, then, if someone expresses opinions you disagree with (as I have had to do with a few friends of mine), you delete them. Or, if you don’t want to completely sever ties, you stop following them so that you don’t have to see everything you disagree with. Instead of doing the intelligent thing, this stupid bitch complained to the over-all company manager, stating that my girlfriend was creating an uncomfortable work environment. How the fuck are things said in what amounts to “sharing among friends” situation creating an uncomfortable work environment?! My girlfriend was the best that company has ever had in their entire fucking existence. She’s on time DAILY. Unlike the “supervisor”. She does her job in its entirety every single day that she’s at work. She never slacks off. She conveys messages to the next shift appropriately as she should do. She does everything by the goddamn book and in return she gets the goddamn book thrown in her face. Clearly a hard worker means nothing to any company around. They would rather employ the assholes from the bottom of the barrel. People that don’t do fuckall.

A very dear friend was in a similar situation with her employment at the end of last year. She was technician of sorts at a local high school where she lives in England. She assisted teachers during class period when additional assistance was needed. They got a new headmaster who decided, as part of some silly scheme to get more kids to attend their school, that her job and others would be made redundant. So she’s suddenly out of work and the job prospects are slim where she lives. Yet it was the parents of students who attend the school on the Board of Governors for the school who decided to let this sillyfuck in to this position and let him ruin the lives of many who are now out of a job.

Why is it always the assholes in charge? Between what happened to my girlfriend and my friend in England and the stuff I experience in my own job (and in others in the past), I’m realizing that the world is run by assholes. No matter what comes out of the mouths of anyone in a supervisor/managerial position, they are assholes when you get right down to it. If they were better people, they’d get rid of those who don’t do fuckall while on the job or find a better way of attracting the right students. More than 10 years ago, I worked for a well-known retail pet store chain. There were some management shifts not long after I was hired and the man who came on to be the new store manager disliked me from the start. I don’t know what I ever did to make him feel that way, but he complained all the time about little things I did. In a full day’s shift, I would go to the bathroom twice a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Or once early in my shift, before my lunch break and again once after. He actually had the balls to ask if I had a bladder problem when I needed to use the toilet more than those two times.

It’s funny how television has created this programme ‘Undercover Boss’ to  show how magnanimous and generous company owners can be. It may be true that owners are this way, but I can tell you right now, that they fill the positions between the top and the bottom with First Class Grade-A Assholes. It’s pathetic to see all these people owning/running businesses who have no fucking clue what goes on day-to-day at the very bottom ranks of the business. And let me tell you, if your employees don’t get treated well, they will leave and if you can’t attract anyone but assholes, you will soon have customer relation problems.

But hey, who cares? As long as you’re making your millions, let the world run on Assholes!!