Inhuman Humans

For most of my life, I have been an advocate for zoos. I love animals in general and the opportunity to see some of my favorites in the flesh is one I have been thankful for. However, I am finding that the older I get, the more dislike I have for zoos and the situation they are often put in. We humans freely enter and most often take over the domain of animals, but when they do the same, we kill them. If the roles were reversed, we’d still kill them. This is what happened in the Cincinnati Zoo with the male Silverback gorilla who was murdered because an ignorant human entered his domain. There was no harm done to the child, yet we superior humans felt the need to end the life of the gorilla anyway. I hope the mother of that child is proud of what she did. I hope the zookeepers feel no remorse, because let’s face it, this planet belongs to humans and the animals are shit out of luck.

Months ago, a lion was shot by another ignorant human who simply  felt the need to go hunting for sport. Legal or not, it’s not right to end any life for sport.

Of course both cases bring out the Social Media Justice Warriors who create hashtags and cry for justice, but in the end nothing is done. We simply don’t care enough to take the real steps necessary, but hashtags and threatening lives makes us feel like we are doing good.

The longer I live, the more I hate humans.