Bath School Disaster

The older I get, the more I realize humanity ain’t worth shit. Straight up.

For many many years, I have thought that Columbine was the worst we could do to ourselves. Then I thought, that Sandy Hook Elementary was about as low as humanity could go. But today, I learned that we’ve been at the business of killing children en masse for far longer than I’ve been alive.

May 18, 1927 saw the biggest school tragedy on American soil in our illustrious history. One Andrew Kehoe, school board treasurer and wannabe township clerk who decided to kill his wife, firebomb his farm and detonate an explosion at the Bath Consolidated School before committing suicide with a final detonation in his truck. All because of a tax increase and the fact that he was defeated in the election. Well boo-fucking-hoo. Your life ain’t going the way you want, so take it out on everyone else who probably struggles the same as you.

The way we treat each other all the time tells me we don’t really deserve to exist. Most days I wish there really was an alien race that would find and destroy us. We’re doing a pretty good job of it, but it’s taking an awful long time. We promote hatred over love every single day. That’s what people aspire to: hating others. People don’t start businesses with the idea of helping more than just themselves. They do it so that they can be better than everyone else and lord over those who haven’t got shit. No one cares at all anymore. Maybe the world will end sooner than I expect.