I Am Nobody

I typically listen to NPR in the mornings as I drive to work and as I commute home in the evenings. While I do love current music, I’ve long outgrown the tedium of radio stations that have obnoxious DJs in the morning. So I guess I should be thankful to NPR for their honest reporting and interviews of people who will not hold anything back. It’s refreshing to know that there’s at least one venue that will allow the interviewee to speak their mind in a no-holds-barred manner, so we know the truth.

And the truth is we do not live in a democracy and none of us matter. Oh we like to fool ourselves every single day that we live in a democracy where the majority rules.

As I drove to work this morning, I had my radio tuned to NPR as per usual and was privy to an interview conducted with a Republican National Party delegate, Mr Curly Haughland of North Dakota. He believes that primaries shouldn’t happen, which I agree with, but as they are in place and have been for probably longer than he’s been alive, you go with the system. When asked, “Is there an argument to be made that the person who wins the most votes going into the primaries just ought to be the nominee?” Mr Haughland responds, “Absolutely not.” When the follow up question is asked, “Well what about just the most votes of the people in the primaries?” Mr Haughland responds, “Absolutely irrelevant.” Hearing how irrelevant one man believes the Will of the People to be just blows my mind.

No matter what party you belong to, most people in this country still believe their vote matters. Whether it’s in the primaries/caucuses or in the full election on the appointed day in November. People love to criticize others to who don’t vote stating that it’s your DUTY to vote. It’s not a DUTY. It’s a RIGHT granted to us by the CONSTITUTION.  No one ever fights for voter’s DUTY, they vote for a voter’s RIGHTS. By definition, a duty is something that you must do because it is morally right or because the law requires it’. The law does not require anyone to vote, but gives you the right and the means by which to elect officials. In and of itself, choosing a candidate for elected office is neither morally right nor wrong.

I have to say that my faith in this country is dying slowly. We allow things to happen daily and believe that just by picking someone else to be a leader things will somehow change. The only way it could really change based on one person’s position is if we were a dictatorship, but we’re not. We have a system of government that prevents one person’s will from dictating the direction the country moves. Even if the man I wish to become president were to win in November, I don’t think he will get far in his agenda. I wish I could believe that he will, but I can no longer believe that because we are so divided on every single aspect of life.

Even if I vote. Even if he wins. Even if……. Nothing. It will never change. No matter who occupies the house, nothing will change. Too much hate and apathy exists. So just call me Nobody. Because that’s who I am now.