Sloshing Down the Toilet

I swear this country is slowly sloshing its way down the proverbial toilet.

As the world is well aware, we’re in motion right now for a presidential election that’s still more than a year away. And the fuckwittery is in full swing. I’ll state right here and now that I am an Independent with Democratic leanings. Don’t assume that I’m 100% for Hillary, either. Yes I would dearly love for a woman to be in the White House as I believe the United States is far behind the times in that regard, but I’m not blind to what she’s doing.

The Angry Old Americans Club (Republican Party to normal people) is the epitome of chaos. Trump has now decided that asking him any questions on what his platform is about amounts to a “trick question.” And Scott Walker apparently has decided it’s a good idea to not take any questions about the past or the future. Hypothetical questions are, apparently, a big no no for him. I guess he can’t imagine himself in any given situation, so it’s best to just say that a question prompting him to imagine how he might handle it is bad bad.

People need to know what your stance is on certain topics, Trump. They need to know how you would handle certain current events, Walker. Neither are going away any time soon, so you’d better think long and hard about this if you really think you have a ghost of a chance of winning next year. And I for one hope you’re both humiliated in 2016. Clinton may be doing the wrong thing regarding emails and such, but at least you know where she stands on subjects. I guess it’s easier for Angry Old Americans to follow an ideal rather than something concrete.

May the Pantheon help us if you morons win.