Lots of Thoughts Starting with Elections

There’s been a lot on my mind lately. Just crap I want to spew. I remembered how I have this blog and that’s pretty much why I have it, right? Lol

The stuff currently on my brain is the elections we’ve just had. I’m gonna say it straight up: politics is fucked up. Plain and simple. I’m not talking this specific election cycle. I’m talking about politics in general.

First of all, politics is the only job in the country where experience counts against you instead of for you. How is it not a benefit if that seniority gets you onto committees or even the chairman/woman of certain committees?

Second, why don’t politicians apply for these jobs the way normal people do? We submit our resumes and wait for the decision to be made by those doing the hiring (We the People). Alternately, we normal folk could always apply for our jobs the way politicians do: find out who else has applied for the job and create a smear campaign for the other job candidates and do our best to discredit them in the eyes of our potential employers.

Third, it seems to me that if people wanted real change, they’d break out from their comfort zones of the Democratic and Republican parties in favour of something new and fresh. We only ever have the two parties on the ballot at any given time with a few candidates at the lower levels who are Libertarian, so let’s get away from that. More parties would force these idiots to work harder for your vote and for the privilege of remaining in office.