Don’t look now, but…

There is a forum I frequent on a daily basis to talk about a wide variety of topics. One of the sections of the forum deals with science and technology. One of the subjects discussed in the S/T section has been Google’s on-going attempts to create driverless cars. Being the sort of individuals who don’t like to give up their rights, most people are firmly against giving up their right to the daily grind of traffic.

It’s occurred to me, though, that we’re already moving toward driverless cars and ultimately they will happen in these small increments. Just think of the car commercials where there’s a back up camera (rather than utilizing the mirrors which are standard on any car); cars that park themselves for those who are incapable of parallel parking themselves; cars that “think ahead” and can help you stop more quickly if the vehicle a few cars ahead of you stops suddenly; and lastly, cars which alert you when you start to drift out of your lane (because you’re tired or would rather pay more attention to your telephone than your driving). Granted, with the exception of back up cameras, most of these features are on luxury cars, but let’s face it: when driverless cars are a reality, only the rich will be able to afford them. Many car companies are also actively coming up with ways for us to connect to the internet while driving. This is the first step in allowing an office on wheels when a driver doesn’t have to think about driving; the car will drive for him/her.

Don’t look now, but driverless cars will be a reality. Perhaps not in the way Google envisions it, but it will happen. And I, for one, will be thrilled when it does.