Epic Dinner Fail

My goddess I hadn’t realised I’d neglected this blog since last October. My other two seem to be taking over my time. At I have returned with an epic tale of culinary failure courtesy of my mother, whom I refer to in this little tale as Einstein.

This story is about my mother and her recent decision to really screw up a very basic New Orleans dish: jambalaya. For those unfamiliar with the dish, it is very simply rice, meat (typically sausage, chicken or shrimp) and spices. That’s it. We typically cook it from a mix, which is just the rice and spices.

My mother decided to make jambalaya for dinner last Monday night which was fine, but apparently this time when she put both sausage AND chicken in it, she was afraid that it would be too bland because of the chicken absorbing a lot of the spices. The last half dozen times she’s made jambalaya this way she never worried about it being too bland. I don’t know why she feels the need to put both sausage and chicken in it, but whatever. So Einstein decided to add spices to it. I should inject at this point that Einstein hates spicy food. Things normal people don’t consider spicy, she does. Why Einstein did this is beyond me, but she made it pretty inedible even for me and I can tolerate spiciness way more than she can. At this point I don’t want her cooking the jambalaya anymore.


One thought on “Epic Dinner Fail

  1. Oh that is BEAUTIFUL..love that one. So sorry for the jambalaya..it knew it was a bastard child when it was being served. Hugs to Einstein..she tried..oh lord, she tried…

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