I just realised how selfish I am when it comes to Christmas. I’m a little miffed that I will be getting only one thing from my parents. About a month ago, I was roaming around JC Penney’s wasting time when I found myself wandering through the section of purses. Much to my surprise I discovered a handbag that I really wanted by a British designer, Lulu Guinness. I figured that the thing was going to be tremendously expensive – along the lines of Coach – but I found that it was quite the opposite. The bag was only $44 and happened to be on sale that weekend for 20% off. I informed my mother of the bag’s existence and the sale and told her that’s what I wanted for Christmas. She got the bag the next day and put it away til Christmas.

This morning my mother calls me and informs me that the Royal Mint would be issuing a coin to commemorate the christening of Prince George. She then asked if I’d like to have one for Christmas. Well, of course. It’s only $20 for the coin and it comes nicely set in a piece of cardboard.

So I figure two items for Christmas, both are nice and I’d be happy with them. After she ordered the coin, though, suddenly I may have to wait til my birthday to get it. I have a monetary limit on Christmas now and apparently I’ve exceeded it with the bag. So I’ll have a $20 gift for my birthday and that’s it.

Think it’s just time for me to focus solely on my girlfriend whose birthday is Christmas Day and forget about what anyone else will give me or won’t give me.