The Fall of the United States

It’s coming folks. Whether you believe it or not, it’s coming. All because no one does anything but sit on their asses and bitch.

The US is going to fall just like the great Roman Empire not due to any physical destruction, but because future generations will be too uneducated to lead this country in any meaningful direction.

Every single time budget cuts are announced, education cuts are high on the list. I know everyone expects teachers to work for a pittance, but just like the rest of the country doesn’t, they shouldn’t either. There are three main areas of professional life that should be the top paid anywhere in the country and teaching is one of those areas. Instead we’d rather pay entertainers and sports celebrities way more than they should be paid when the majority of the time they piss away the millions they earn and offer no real value to society.

So we’re destroying the opportunities from K-12, making these kids ill-prepared for college/university life, but that level of education isn’t immune either. Universities are pricing themselves out of reach. My mother works at a university and she sees it first hand. A local news report said that her university alone is down by 35% of pre-enrolled students (typically by May) for the coming school year. There’s also a new report I saw on MSN this morning ‘The most expensive colleges in America‘. And the prices will only keep increasing.

There’s a simple solution to pricey colleges, of course. Student loans. But our beloved government is doing it’s absolute best to screw young adults out of even wanting to take out a loan to go to college by doubling the interest rate on a loan. The few that do decide to bite the proverbial bullet and take out the loan will probably be paying on it for several decades unless they manage to find a fabulous paying job and find a house dirt cheap and never buy a new car, but keep their old one for as long as possible. Who honestly wants to make that sacrifice?

Yes, we are destroying ourselves by destroying education in all forms. Republicans bitch about leaving the national debt to future generations, how about we worry more about leaving the next generation with the intelligence to actually be able to do something about the debt passed on to them??


2 thoughts on “The Fall of the United States

  1. it’s obvious to me that you are a liberal who hates republicans. All liberals bitch about is making illeagal mexicans legal. Liberals are destroying America you asshole. You want a country without borders and to increase government spending to keep the losers hooked on government benifits.

  2. Number 1: Mr American Dipshit, please comment on the contents of my blog entry. Don’t ASSume anything about me that you have no proof of aside from your ASSumptions.

    Number 2: I don’t give a FUCK about making illegals legal. As far as I’m concerned you ignorant demented ReTHUGlican, anyone here illegally should be sent home and let them figure out a way to come into this godforsaken country LEGALLY.

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