Dear Amazon

You should know that I am writing this letter on my own blog, with little chance of you seeing this because I know even if you did see it, you’d do nothing. And why should you? You’re a multi-million dollar corporation that can do whatever it wants, as long as it brings in ever more money.

First, let me state that your Add-Ons idea is the biggest joke. I don’t know why you suddenly have issues with mailing out small items. Is it suddenly impossible for you to find small boxes or small bubble envelopes to mail items? I get a fair amount of my shipping supplies directly from the US Postal Service and they don’t charge one cent. Of course I understand that you have to have the plain boxes with your name and that goofy smile on it, so a bit of investment is required on your part, but heaven forbid that you spend any of your money. In the future, any items that I want to buy from you that are marked Add-On will simply be bought elsewhere. I’m sure there are companies available who will ship small items.

Second, I really think you need to just stop beating around the bush about your so-called free shipping on $25 or more. You’re really only going to now give it to  those who agree to a trial of your Amazon Prime in the hopes that we will forget to cancel and BAM! you’ve reeled in another sucker. Amazon Prime is way over priced, especially for someone who doesn’t do as much buying as would be required for that to be anything near worthwhile. My recent order was $2 over the $25 “bar” before taxes and as soon as I put them into my cart the site said I qualified for the free super saver shipping. However, when I got to the real shipping screen, the only way I could get the free super saver shipping was to go with a free Amazon Prime trial. I know this hasn’t always been the way it goes with Amazon, because just last month I purchased a pair of shoes that were $50 and got free shipping. So why the double standard?

Third, I think you really need to intervene more on behalf of customers who deal with your sellers. A co-worker ordered two different items from the same seller and was charged double for shipping even though the items were shipped together. Despite numerous attempts to resolve the issue with the seller AND with Amazon’s help, she is getting nowhere. She’s going to close her account with Amazon and I can’t blame her, but I seriously doubt you care. After all, what is one buyer when you have hundreds of thousands?

I really wish things would change for you, but I have no hope they will.

A Customer (for now)