Theatre Thursday: Kentucky

LP-TheatreWhile Louisville is known for its horse racing, there is a gem of a theatre in the downtown area which opened in the midst of the movie palace boom between 1925 and 1930.

The Palace Theatre was designed by architect John Eberson in the Spanish Baroque style so popular with these types of theatres, though these days the exterior belies the fact that there is such a beautiful and opulent interior. The 2,800 capacity seating area itself evokes a Spanish courtyard, complete with a ceiling that looks like a night sky with twinkling stars. The Wurlitzer organ provided sound during the days of silent film.

The theatre is two stories with a bar on each floor running the full width of the building behind the theatre.

Uncommonly, the Louisville Palace Theatre is still alive and well, hosting both musical acts touring the country as well as Broadway shows. And some say the theatre is haunted, if you believe that sort of thing.