So a dear friend came to visit me over the weekend and we had fun. I know she felt like more of a burden than she actually was. It was nice to have someone visit me, since I am often the one to visit others. It was also nice to have someone really come to visit me rather than spend a few hours with me and spend the rest of their visit on Bourbon Street getting shitfaced.

There were some disappointments, but nothing we had control over. One restaurant we both really wanted to go to is apparently no longer open on Sundays. I thought it was because I looked it up on the web via my phone and it showed the hours of 11 -3 on Sundays. Later that evening, though, I found an ad in a paper I pick up every week that showed their hours only Monday through Saturday. 😦 Happily, though, there was a decent substitute in The Irish House for lunch where I had fish n chips and she had shepherd’s pie.

Then I wanted to take her on a swamp tour (even though she lives near the Florida Everglades) but they are offered only at 10 am and 2 pm and we’d missed the afternoon one by 40 minutes. They have more than one boat so I don’t understand why they don’t offer more tours. Thankfully she likes nature walks so we went to the nearby Jean Lafitte National Park and walked one of their trails hunting for gators. Saw a  few small snakes, but that was all.

The funnest parts were, of course, the visit to the Myrtles Plantation on Friday night for an evening tour and the ghost tour of the French Quarter Saturday night. Didn’t have any experiences either time (and I’m still on the fence about hauntings anyway) but the tour at the plantation was suitably creepy because they turned down the lights. And locked us in. I guess I should say that while I’m on the fence about hauntings, I wasn’t interested in spending the night at the Myrtles. Not only because of the hauntings, but also because it costs too damn much! The ghost tour of the Quarter was nice, though the guide was a bit long winded. We dropped out of the tour when we arrived at the last site on the tour because we were both so tired and still had to take a street car back out to where I was parked and drive back out to where she was staying and where I live.

All in all it was a fun weekend and I was sorry to see her go. 😦