Unread Letter

Dear Mr President,

As much as I would dearly love to be rid of all guns, the reality is they are here to stay. Though she was conned by a spiritualist, these days I wholly sympathize with Mrs Sarah Winchester’s view on things.

I hate to tell you this, because I am merely a citizen of this country and you are the leader of this world superpower, but you’re never going to get anywhere with gun control because your focus is not where it should be.  I know you’re trying to be the Champion of America’s Future in children, but I am thinking of the state of mental health in this country. Of the two issues, mine is the greater one because mine will ultimately save more lives.

Case in point: I realise with your busy schedule that you probably aren’t aware that yesterday, in Cypress, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Dylan Quick, a student, stabbed 14 other individuals with a knife. Now by all accounts he was a good kid,  but according to police, he confessed to having a dark fantasy of killing people that he’d had since elementary school. I suppose now if people who knew Dylan growing up were to re-examine his life, they’d recognise tell-tale signs of mental instability. So we should add knives to the debate as well, right?


If someone has the notion or fantasy to take another person’s life, they will do so by whatever means they can find, be it gun, knife or even (for the sake of originality) poison. You cannot possibly outlaw all of these to make a safer future for our children; it’s simply not realistic.

What is realistic, Mr President, is that you stop barking up the wrong tree and focus on the real tragedy of this country: that so many mentally disturbed and even just mentally handicapped are brushed aside by “normal” people because no one has the patience to deal with them.

Now, Mr President, when you realise the error of your ways and decide to focus on the higher need in this country, let me know and we’ll discuss how the answer is NOT to throw drugs at the problem and hope it will go away. We do that now and it ain’t working for anyone but the drug manufacturers.


A US Citizen