Shut up? Really?

It seems to me that if you are a politician who is notably in the spotlight quite often, either by virtue of your office or the actions you take on a daily basis, and you’re raising a family there are certain things you should tell your children. First and foremost should be that because of Mommy or Daddy’s work, they may hear things said about Mommy or Daddy that could be upsetting. They may hear things repeated at school or they may hear things said by total strangers. In light of this fact, it would make more sense for Governor Chris Christie to better inform his own children about his line of work rather than tell a doctor who is concerned about his weight to shut up. There’s no need to take your frustration out on someone else when you’re the one who dropped the ball.

If you hadn’t noticed lately, Mr Christie, there is an obesity epidemic in this country and not pointing out that someone could die because they are overweight is just as bad as helping them keep gaining weight.