My View

I don’t think I have ever written about such a politically volatile subject on this blog, but I am about to do so now. Under no circumstances will I tolerate uncivilised comments. They will be deleted.

The whole world – with the exception of a few notable pockets here and there – is aware of the tragedy that occurred on 14 December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. Equally so, I’m sure the entire world (with the same previously noted exceptions) knows of the debate now going on in our country revolving around gun control. Or the lack thereof.

I will admit that I do not like guns. I’ve never held one, though my father owns a few. I was shown one of them when I was younger, but that is all. My mother recently revealed that when my brother and I were both quite young, I’m guessing perhaps no more than 5 years old, my parents took us out somewhere and fired the gun. Understandably, neither of us cared much for the noise. In fact, I have always had a low tolerance for explosive noises such as fireworks. That was the only exposure to guns and gunfire that I know about. Perhaps this lack of knowledge has fueled my fear/dislike of guns, I don’t know. I’m not a psychiatrist nor do I have any inclination to discover the root of my fear/dislike.

As much as I would like to rid the world of guns and all manner of explosive devices, I am wise to the reality that that will never happen. Once mankind discovered the power he could wield with explosions, there was no going back. Ever. Yet I am still of a mind that there should be some gun control.

First, I do think that assault weapons should not be available to the general public. What purpose could they possibly serve? None comes to my mind.

Second, I think the high capacity clips aren’t necessary either. I heard a laughable argument on Fox News last week for the need for high capacity gun clips. Apparently there was a woman somewhere (came in late to the discussion) who was at home with her small child when a man broke into the home to rob them. The woman went up into her attic with her child to hide. She had a gun with her. Evidently the man found her and though she emptied her small gun’s clip capacity into the man, he wasn’t felled by the bullets. So apparently the solution is to allow her to have a clip with more bullets so she can still keep trying to kill the man. Here’s a better solution: buy a gun, learn how to use it! I know of no one who decides to buy a car one day without knowing how to drive; no one who jumps in the deep end of a pool hoping they might learn how to swim. If you’re going to buy a gun, you’d better damn well know how to use it and not guess when things come down to it.

In return for these two things, I want there to be some sort of protection for homeowners who manage to shoot an intruder. If the intruder lives or dies, neither they nor their families should be allowed to bring any kind of legal action against the homeowner. You should have every right to defend your home from attack, both physical and legal. I recently read an article about there being a law enacted in Wales which protects potential burglars from a homeowner’s dog. Huh? You break into my house and my dog attacks to protect its territory and you are the one protected?? For all that you might as well say that stealing is no longer a crime and anyone can enter a home or business and take what they want without repercussion.

The debate will never die, I realize, but I’d just as soon return to the days of the Wild West.