A Letter from Citizen Nobody

Dear Mr President and Crappy Congress:

Forget guns. You’re never going to rid this country of its obsessive love affair with them, so there’s no real use trying. Even I have come to accept that, despite my personal loathing of guns.

The better option at this point would be to focus on the ignored tragedy here: that we do very little to help those who are mentally disabled in any way. Yes, the brutal ending to so many lives was indeed a horrible tragedy, but so, too, is the fact that no one really understands what goes on inside the mind of a person living with Autism.

You, Mr President, need to lead Congress forward in changing this Nation’s policies on Mental Health.  It is so very simple to just point the finger at the NRA but that will get us nowhere. Within the last month or two, a psychiatric hospital not far from where I live has been shut down. What will happen to the individuals who were there for help? They will end up out on the streets because there’s a better than 50% chance their family doesn’t want to or doesn’t know how to deal with them. You can bet that a good portion of them will become criminals of some kind because they don’t have the ability to cope on their own or for any number of other reasons. These are the people who have the potential to become another Adam Lanza.

Don’t let this happen, Mr President. You have the power to change America’s attitude toward and policies regarding the mentally ill.

People are now saying that the fact that Adam Lanza had Asperger’s had nothing to do with the crimes he committed. I heard someone state on 60 Minutes that individuals with Asperger’s are normally the victims of crimes like this, not the perpetrators. Well, I would argue that this is clearly not the normal and we need to understand why. None of us can bring Adam Lanza back to life to grill him mercilessly like we would any other common criminal, so the solution is to fund more studies of people with Asperger’s and all others who fall under the very broad Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This is the only way forward, Mr President. I know I am one voice in billions that will never be heard by you or anyone else. But maybe someone somewhere will read this and agree and spread the word that things need to change.

Change them now. Please.


An American Citizen