Always Good for a Laugh

I was going through my latest emails in my Outlook web-mail (formerly known as Hotmail) and happened to look at a recent email from Living Social. For those who don’t do the group couponing thing, Living Social is just like Groupon. Get My Perks is another. Amazon has something that seems to pull from Living Social. To be honest, they all kind of overlap, sometimes offering the same deal.

Anyway, the most recent LS email had, among its offerings, the Bunga Bed. I couldn’t find an official website for the bed, but what I did find was a very expensive bed that resembles the much maligned Crocs. The LS deal is for $45, but a search via Google shows that mostly it’s $60. Just the sight of it made me chortle. Who comes up with this stuff?

Bunga Bed for small dogs.