New Series

Since the first series I began sort of flopped I decided to try again.

In May of next year, the Saenger Theatre here in New Orleans will (hopefully) be reopening. I am very excited about this as it was the first live theatre I attended many moons ago and also because according to the description on the current website for the theatre, everything has been restored to the original look of the theatre from the 20s. If there’s one thing I love, it’s old fashioned theatres.

Since we have about seven months until the re-opening, provide it happens in May and not later in the year, I have decided to begin a new series: Theatre Thursday. For this series I will feature a new theatre each week, giving its history and hopefully sharing some beautiful architecture. I am going to cover the Saenger Theatre chain, since ours was the flagship theatre for the chain, but if anyone happens to find my blog and this series (highly doubtful) and has photos of a theatre that wasn’t part of the chain, I will happily feature it.


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