Grammar & Me

Seventeen years and nine days ago, I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in the lofty subject of English. I say lofty because most people cringe if I say my favourite subject is English. Actually, truth be told, it’s my second favourite subject. History would be my first. I did things rather backward, getting the degree itself in my second favourite subject while my minor was history.

Anyway, I digress.

Once I had that piece of paper announcing my status to the world, I was ready to change the world. Hell bent on it, actually. For a good while I spent every moment possible correcting the world’s grammar. Everything from my parents’ grammar to my neighbour’s as well. Then I started doing it online and realised how quickly I could be hated. People don’t like to have their weaknesses pointed out to them. I think the general public would like to be better at English, but it’s just one of those things that not everyone is good at. I know I’m terrible at anything other than simple maths and certainly wouldn’t like the constant reminder of that fact. So eventually I backed off and directed my knowledge into something more productive: editing. I could fill my days with correcting grammar and no one would bat an eye.

This doesn’t mean that seeing grammar mistakes doesn’t want to make me gouge my eyes out. I find it most offensive in professional websites. In an age when a company’s first impression on potential clients/customers is made via the web, it really makes my blood boil to see a mistake on a company’s website. I realise it may be insignificant to most people, but in my opinion, if you aren’t willing to make sure everything on your website is perfect, down to the most seemingly insignificant detail like grammar, then how do I know you’ll be that thorough in any business I conduct with you?

I also get riled when kids use text-speak somewhere other than on a cell phone. Type out the words! Anything else is pure laziness. I’m not referring to things like LOL or BRB or TY or any of those. I’m referring to things like ur instead of your or you’re; l8r rather than later; y rather than why; u rather than you, etc. I understand the uses of it on a cell phone where character space is limited and some cell phone owners are charged per text sent, but we do not live in a phonetic world on the Internet. You have ample space to type out the words properly. Please do so!!!

P.S. – I would find it hilarious if someone wants to start a petition to have the degree awarded to English majors changed from a B.A. to a B.S. After all, we are the best in the business at B.S. 😉