Well Paint Me Blue and Call Me Babe*

Here I sit at work bored to tears and fending off a massive sinus headache, when I pop over to the Huffington Post to see what news they’re sharing these days. Since they have a section called ‘Gay Voices’, I decided to check out the latest news therein. Imagine my surprise when I read that Sally Ride, former astronaut and recently deceased after a terrible fight with cancer, was a Lesbian.

I am overjoyed to learn that someone so well-known and clearly well-respected was “one of us” and I understand why she decided to keep things quiet until she’d passed away and revealed her sexuality via her obituary. For many of us, we aren’t defined by our sexuality. I don’t introduce myself as a Lesbian. You’d never really know I am gay unless I decide to tell you. I fully support those who are “Out and Proud” but sometimes I feel they are too in your face about it. And I often find they don’t respect those of us who choose to live a quiet existence where few people know we’re gay.

Young girls have had Sally Ride to look up to from the moment that she first stepped onto a NASA Shuttle and became the first woman in space, but now there’s something a little more extra about her that is more inspiring. You can do anything, be anything, and it doesn’t matter who you go home to at night. You’re still an inspiration.

Rest in Peace, Sally Ride and thank you for quietly blazing your trail.


* Okay not literally. I love the colour blue and all, but not that much. 😉