I recieved the latest Plinky Prompts email today and there are actually a few questions I’d answer.

Would you ever consider opening your own restaurant, bar or cafe?

I’m pretty sure I’ve answered a question similar to this one, but I would probably open a cafe. Full of books and all kinds of pagan-y things in addition to offering food and tea. Tea is a must.

What Olympic sport[s] do you enjoy watching?

I added the ‘s’ because there’s not just one. Since the Summer Olympics are coming up soon, I will answer regarding the sports likely to be seen next month. I love diving, mostly because they are doing something that terrifies me. I have never willingly jumped off a diving board. I like watching gymnastics, especially the rhythmic gymnastics. However, since that’s not one of the popular sports, it’s rarely aired during prime time. I also love to watch synchronized swimming. I just think it’s amazing what those women can do on one breath of air. I enjoy watching regular swimming races as well since that’s mostly what’s on prime time.  And lastly, I think the trampolining looks fun, but I’m not sure how well I’d handle going up that high if it were me on there. Then again, I’ve only jumped on a trampoline once in my life as my mother forbade it.

Definitely looking forward to the London Olympics next month!

Should soda be banned in all schools?

Yes. This country needs to be far more proactive than it is regarding healthcare and one way is to focus more on prevantative medicine. Removing high calorie sodas from all schools is a great step toward preventing obesity in children.