Media Rant

I so love when reporters get a story only half right. They look no further than their small sphere of knowledge instead of truly researching a topic, then they spread their ignorance with the world and it’s accepted as gospel truth.

Every year around this time, morning news shows decide to bring out the tired old stories of how sun tanning can cause cancer. That’s all well and good, but they never talk about a safe alternative to sun tanning. They only talk about the equally damaging tanning beds that people somehow still believe is safe. They never ever mention spray tanning. Until now.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I found an article on Yahoo! courtesy of Good Morning America titled Are ‘Spray-On’ Tans Safe? Experts Raise Questions as Industry Puts Out Warnings. Well, it’s good to see that someone recognises that tanning beds aren’t the only alternative to laying out in the sun, but very disappointing that Mark Greenblatt and Gitika Ahuja, writers of this story, didn’t delve too deeply into the world of spray tanning. If they had, they might’ve discovered Body Bronze Products (BPP). If they had, they might’ve discovered that BPP was founded by a dermatologist and skin cancer survivor in 2002. If they had, they might’ve also discovered that a colleague at ABC News, Katie Raml, has done a story about BPP. But they couldn’t be bothered to really research spray tans or they might know that what’s offered in these salons isn’t the only option.

My guess is that the reason they don’t know about BPP (but could’ve discovered it with a little research) is because it’s not in salons across the country. BPP is a company that provides the materials for you to work from home giving others natural looking tans. My cousin has been the proprietor of a small tanning business with BPP for over a year. She is completely mobile when necessary, but otherwise rents space in a friend’s hair salon. I’m guessing that BPP will remain under the radar until folks like Mark Greenblatt and Gitika Ahuja and their contributors do a better job at researching all possibilities.