Just Shoot Me Now

Because if someone doesn’t shoot me, I’m gonna do the shooting and I’d rather not spend the rest of my life in jail.

Today is not a good day. When your boss has taken over your work life and you have to wait to be told what to do, it kinda fucks you up if you ever manage to get another job where they expect you to think for yourself and work independently. I am tired of working for someone who has to have everything done his way. Even down to how I organise my desk. He is so incredibly controlling I wonder daily how his wife has managed for so long. Maybe his personal life is completely different, but somehow I doubt it since she knows how he is about certain things. She certainly deserves to be sainted if he’s exactly the same at home as he is here at work.

He has me documenting the time people arrive each morning so he knows who is late all the time and who isn’t. I don’t see the point in this because they’ve never fired anyone. People do whatever they want and all they do is bitch about it. Anywhere else, they would’ve been fired.

This morning I walk in to find my desk rearranged. Herr Boss is the president of a national organisation whose donation period has just begun. Frankly I’m tired of being the one to collect and organise the donations. I haven’t figured out a way to nicely tell him I don’t want to do it anymore. It was fine the first few years because it was a novelty experience. Now it’s a pain in the ass. For the last week, the bulk of our mail has been donations. So I just tossed them in the corner of my desk behind the phone. He was telling me to put them in a box, but I didn’t see the need since I knew right where they were, they were in a neat stack AND since I’m the only one handling them, nothing should be amiss. There was also a box of letterhead paper on the end of my desk which someone else was supposed to come get as he needed it. So this morning I find all the mail in a box in the corner, shoving my phone out of the way and the box of paper put just beside it with my Rolodex on top. Seriously? What the fuck man? Can’t I have my desk the way I like it????????

And if that isn’t bad enough, he took some stuff that I was printing out for him off my desk. I wasn’t finished printing it out on Thursday, but they don’t want you to stay a minute beyond 5:15 (unless of course they have something they want you to do but decide not to tell you til you’re already at your car). So I left it on my desk with a note to myself of how to find what I was printing out so I could finish today and give him all of it in a nice neat folder. Well, today it’s sat over by the copier, the one thing I managed to print out unstapled and just sitting there. I refuse to touch it now because he couldn’t keep his hands off of it.

Thanks for ruining my Monday!!