Plinky Prompt Post: What are your co-workers like?

I know it’s been ages since I’ve said much of anything about my co-workers on this blog. I remember there was a time when I used to bitch and moan about my bosses (at least) with fair regularity. I can’t remember the last time I did even that much. I just got a list of Plinky Prompts this morning and thought at least one of them was worth answering: what are your co-workers like?

The eldest among us is a guy I have referred to in the past as Big Daddy. Not because he’s a big guy, but because he’s a father of two sons. Aside from the two bosses, he’s the only one of us that is a parent. He’s also the one who’s been here the longest and suffered the most.

Next is a girl for who I don’t have any kind of nickname for – she’s never been mentioned on here as far as I can recall – so I will simply call her M. She nice enough I suppose, if a little stand-off-ish. We chat only by necessity, never just to chat. She’s at her desk most of the day with headphones in her ears working away.

JJ is next and I think that’s all I’ve refered to him as on here, the few times I’ve mentioned him. He’s a cool guy, if a bit goofy at times. He will tell me the dumbest jokes that I always wind up laughing at, mostly because they’re so awful. For my birthday this year, he told me about a tradition (apparently common around here) that I’d never heard of before: strangers pinning money to your shirt. I ended the night with a WHOPPING $7. Guess it pays better if you’re young and not just turning 40. JJ was born here in the US and raised in Argentina, so he’s our national foreigner.

Lastly is India. I know I’ve mentioned her quite a lot on here because out of everyone here, she’s the only one I do stuff with outside of work. I’ve even met her parents! We get along well for the most part, until she gets lazy and wants me to do something for her. Like yesterday she wanted me to print something for her, but I was in the middle of something else. She said, “If you can’t do it right now, that’s fine, I can wait.” To which I replied, “During the time you’re waiting, you could get it done yourself.” She just gets lazy sometimes and I’m not here to pick up her slack. She also has an infuriating habit of being late to work more often than not. The bosses bitch about it, but will never do more than that, so she continues to do it because she knows they can’t be bothered with firing her and replacing her. She rarely calls when she’s late, too. Today is one of her late days. It’s now ten after eight as I write this and we’re supposed to be here at 7:30. No call.

So there you have it. My co-workers.