Today is the last day of my life that I will be 39 and I’m feeling unexpectedly negative about it, so I’m taking it out on everyone else. Because I can. If you don’t like it, don’t read.

 First of all, I haven’t rolled out the new crap Timeline on Facebook, but I’ve read enough about it to know that it is something to dislike. What purpose does this change serve, Mr Zuckerberg?? Why does every little action someone takes on Facebook since they joined need to be dug up and put on display? I swear if I had a time machine, I’d go back in time, find your scrawny ass at Harvard and put a bullet to your head. I’m quite sure that the Twins would not have made Facebook such a farce.

Second of all, when someone decides to change an iconic food dish native to where you live, it’s cause to dislike. Beignets are so similar to sopapilla’s that this dessert you concocted should be called Bourboned Butter Sopapillas. Quit messing with my donuts.

Third, I dislike that there’s going to be plenty of rain tomorrow (26 Jan.) on my milestone birthday. C’mon Mother Nature, can’t you save it for Friday? I don’t have anything going on then.

I totally DISLIKE that I cannot celebrate my milestone birthday with the Woman I Love nor any of my bestest friends because everyone lives to damn far away.

I decided to treat myself to a new cell phone for my milestone birthday got a Smart Phone. It’s a Samsung Intercept. I like everything about it except that to unlock the phone, two buttons have to be touched on the screen with just the right timing or you’re sitting there doing it over and over again. And, the same two button touch is required to hang up after a call. Why can’t it be just one button? What if I don’t have both hands available after I hang up? I hope your higher end phones aren’t like this, Samsung. You get it so right with the cameras you make, yet seem to plummet with the cell phones.

Okay that’s all of the dislikes for now. I’m sure I’ll find more things to dislike today.


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  1. The only samsung mobile I fell out with was my touch screen one, as I could never get the dial pad up during a call, a MUST when you get one of the choice menus.

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