When There Was No Reality

I get old writing prompts from Plinky on a regular basis – kinda like the Daily Posts I have written on – but these are always the week after. Not quite sure why, but there you go.

This week’s list of prompts actually had one worth writing about, so I’m answering the prompt:

What old shows do you wish you could still watch on TV?

First and foremost, I would want to see the original Mission: Impossible. The final summer I was in college, I was at school watching tv in the evenings and one of the channels was airing the original Mission: Impossible episodes and I started watching them faithfully. I was first introduced to the whole M:I series in the late 1980s when the show was revived for a few seasons. I enjoyed the simplicity of the show and have been horrified at the way Tom Cruise has utterly changed the whole idea of Mission: Impossible on the big screen.

Second, I’d have to say I’d like to see Charlie’s Angels again. I watched the revival of that show this season, until it was axed. The only problem I had with the newer version was the fact that they made Bosley a young Hispanic dude. I have no problems with Hispanics being on the show. I mean the whole setting for the show was relocated from San Francisco to Miami and one of the new Angels was a beautiful Latino woman, so that wasn’t the issue. I just have a problem with the Bosley character because A) the name doesn’t sound Hispanic on any level and B) they made him the same age as the Angels and I grew up viewing Bosley as a kind of uncle figure. Even in the botched up movies, they got Bill Murray for the role of Bosley.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing the Avengers again. Not based on the comic book characters, I might add. I remember watching that when I was in my 20s I think.

Aside from the adult television shows, I would like to see more Flintstones, Jetsons and Looney Toons back on television.

Granted, most all of these can still be viewed, but only on premium cable channels, which I don’t have.


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  1. There was one over here called “Rock Follies”…it was never repeated……but it was good at the time
    And “Tenko”…that was a really good programme…one of the actresses is now on “Corrie” as Roy’s Mum….she doesn’t look that much older!

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