2011 in Review

Well, this year has been a surprise to say the least. A few things stand out in my mind as the highlight of my year:

First, I found love again. I admit it: EVERYONE WAS RIGHT! You can’t search for love; it has to find you. And this year, I am happy to say it found me.

Second, I got to meet two dear friends face to face.

Third, I was in my very first stage production. Prior to Spring 2011, all of my theatrical experience was behind the scenes. In college I did everything but act. Now, I’m not sure if you’d call being a nun in the Sound of Music acting, per se, but it is what I did.


One thought on “2011 in Review

  1. I know that twice in the past it has found me…perhaps this year it might find me and not leave with very little explanation

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