An Unsent Letter

Dear Friend:

I know you probably think otherwise, but the fact that we hang out together a lot and the fact that my other friends like you doesn’t give you license to ask if you can come when I want to do something with them. If we – or really I – decide that I would like for you to join us, then you will be invited. I have met some of your other friends, but I never ask if I can do whatever you’re doing with them, so I expect the same in return.

I made these friends so that I would have someone to do stuff with that doesn’t involve you, therefore I would like to spend quality time with them and not have you tag along as well.

As for lunch today, there is no rule that states I must share any part of my lunch with you. If it is offered, fine, but don’t try to make me feel bad by sulking in silence when I tell you no. You have helped yourself to my food in the past, so I felt justified in telling you no. It’s also hit and miss when I think you’re going to be critical of something I’ve cooked.

Perhaps knowing how I feel will make a difference.




One thought on “An Unsent Letter

  1. Some people are just socially inept and unaware that there are lines you do not cross without permission.

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