Not Going to Argue

There was a recent Daily Post, about grammar, that caught my attention because I have a BA in English. So, naturally I had to write my own response to that post; however it’s not going to be in the same vein one might expect from someone such as me.

There was a time, oh, about 16 years ago, when I was a staunch Grammar Nazi. Of course my corrections came in the verbal form, not written. I would correct someone’s speaking rather than their writing. It moved into written corrections and then after a while, I quit doing it. I quit because I realized I was fighting a losing battle.

Now, in my mellower years, I realize that grammar is a subject much like politics, religion and the paranormal: there are two sides that are in stark opposition to one another and never shall they meet on common ground. You either love and respect the written language – as most grammarians do – or you hate it. I’ve found those who hate it are the ones who excelled in every subject but English. Those are the people for whom grammar means little.

My biggest sticking point is that I equate grammar with professionalism. Businesses are all about first impressions and if your only means of making that first impression is through written word, you damn well better have a solid grasp of grammar. It is a huge turn off for me if I view a company website and there are grammar mistakes all over, I will not be impressed and will assume that their business conduct is lacking. In the growing digital age, you need every advantage over your competition and that includes the useless grammar everyone loves to hate.