You Drive Me Crazy

Latest Daily Post entry:

What is your biggest frustration about driving?

Is it people who don’t know how to merge? Or the ones who leave their turn signals on for decades? Maybe it’s simply the horrors of a daily commute in traffic? Identify your biggest annoyance and explain why it frustrates you so much.

My biggest frustration about driving is all of the assholes who have pick-up trucks and other SUVs and think they own the road. I wish all of the big pick-up trucks and SUVs could be banned, but of course that will never happen because America is the Land of Superlatives. Gotta have the biggest and best of everything to go with our big fat egos.


One thought on “You Drive Me Crazy

  1. I have two driving frustrations. One being peoepl who are reluctant t merge…and try to zoom down the outside and force their way in. I found that if you move your car out, it prevents these twits forcing their way in. My other is BMW/4 wheel drive owners who think they own the road and will push their nose out into traffic , in order to force priority, even when they are at the minor part of the junction. Funny thing is older BMW owners do not do this, and only blonds and gypo 4 wheel drive owners do these things

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