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Daily Post question from yesterday:

Do you blog anonymously or do you blog as “yourself” and why?

I do a little of both. I don’t use my real name, but everything on here is truly about my life and how I feel on any given day.

I started blogging anonymously just after my ex dumped me because I had some weird stalker person on the blog I created just after that fiasco. I started over once, but at the time saw no reason to hide the fact that I was her ex. In the middle of everything I got a very scathing and very hurtful message from one of her friends. She denies knowing the person, but they knew an awful lot about our relationship and all of my friends were gone; we had only her friends and our friends. Anyway, when the weird stalker person wouldn’t go away, I started over blindly and told only one or two people I’d moved. This all happened on Blogger. I soon got tired of Blogger’s issues so I moved house to WordPress and I’ve never looked back.

I’m also online anonymously in general because of an incident while working in California in 2003-05. At the time I was working for a call centre that had many different clients. The manager for our area was an asshole and quite often I would talk about him and the company I worked for on a forum that I was a member of. Well, one day I was called into a meeting wherein I was told that the client I worked for had discovered my rantings. This discovery was made after that manager had been fired and a new one put in his place and the second manager knew what the first guy had been like so I managed not to get myself fired. Because of this, I shake my head in disbelief every time someone is fired because they talk bad about their bosses or company after friending them on Facebook.

While I do maintain a partially anonymous persona on the internet, I do so for my own protection. In my experiences over the years – and believe me I’ve had plenty – people use the general anonymity of the internet to be hurtful and abusive and over-all quite destructive. Recently reading online about the hacker group Anonymous makes me wonder why they have to be so mysterious. If you’re going to take action in the manner they do, why do you have to hide? Why not tell the world who you are? What do you have to be afraid of…?


2 thoughts on “Anonymously Yours

  1. I suppose mine is semi anonymous…it wouldn’t take a mastermind to figure out who I am, yet then again if I have issues with work or colleagues, I don’t name them….I do as I would if I was writing a novel, and give them character names that fit their personalities…..or should I say I try to.
    But you, complex femme, know this about me.

  2. Yeah, when I used to talk about my current co-workers, I use identifying traits… Like Thing 1 and Thing 2 for my bosses, India for my friend, Big Daddy for one of the guys because he’s a father. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the other two, though.

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