Weekend Round-up

So I had a pretty good weekend, thank you very much!

On Friday morning I went to a local jewelry shop to buy my father’s gift for my mother for her birthday. Afterward, I went to the hospital as usual. For a while, there was only one little girl who came to the playroom. She was the whiniest child I think I’ve ever encountered. She was 5 years old. About 40 minutes before closing another volunteer brought a wheelchair bound little boy in with a project. It was little unpainted wooden pieces that fit together to make something resembling a model motorcycle. I was relieved to have something to do other than listening to the little girl whine at every single thing and her mother repeatedly attempt to soothe her.

Friday night I rented a movie that I’ve been wanting to see for a while. If you’ve never seen Soul Surfer, I highly recommend it. It’s based on a true story and while the family involved was clearly Christian, there wasn’t a preachy sort of message. In fact, I quite enjoyed the way that the story accurately portrayed a 13-year old girl’s struggle with understanding why a God she believes in would cause something like this to happen. And when she goes on a mission trip to Thailand after they suffered so disasterously after the 2004 earthquake and resulting tsunami, it’s not that she has some revelation about God that brings her into perspective about her situation, but playing with a newly orphaned boy in the waters of the Indian Ocean to show him and the rest of the community that despite the devistation wrought by the ocean’s waters, its still a safe place to be.

Saturday morning I woke up and went to one of our cemeteries here to take photographs for one of my other blogs. It’s funny because right after I took the first photo, the red light for my battery indicator blinked a bit. This new fangled camera has a rechargable battery so it’s not like I could run to the Walgreens nearby and buy new AAs for it. I figured that I would just get as many photos as I could and that would be that. I wound up getting far more photos than I expected (the light never blinked again), but when I got home I discovered that I can’t find my a/c adaptor. *sigh*

Saturday night I went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a friend of mine. It’s part of the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane University. This year they performed Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. MSD was performed by the All Thing Shakespeare student company (ages 14-18) and we were there to support one of the young guys who was in the Sound of Music with us. It was an outstanding performance and I am quite sure that the young guy who played the part of Nick Bottom will go far with his brilliant comedic timing.

Yesterday I worked on two belated blog entries to go with the photos I took on Saturday morning and watched another movie that my parents rented while I was at the theatre: Source Code. It’s another mind-blowing, reality-bending, time-manipulation movie. Very well done. After it was over, I went to Sam’s Club for coffee and such for the office. On my way out, I asked my dad if he could go with me to Walmart later so that he could help me tote home a new bicycle. He then decided to tell me that he hadn’t thrown out my old bike, but it was in storage with a friend. I was irrationally disappointed in this fact. *shakes head*