Good Ol’ Pixy Stix High

This morning I was taking my usual gander at MSN to see what news might be interesting this morning when I noticed a story about candy they don’t make anymore. Being the reformed candy junky that I am (I don’t eat nearly as much as I did 30 years ago and in fact can drive my friends crazy with how long I can make chocolate last…) I decided to take a gander at what they might have listed.

Out of the candies listed, I honestly recognised only three:

  1. Forever Yours Bar (which is now Three Musketeers from the description)
  2. Nestle’s Triple Decker Bar
  3. Marathon Bar
  4. Space Dust (kinda like Pop Rocks)
  5. Reggie Bar
  6. Gatorgum
  7. Summit Cookie Bar
  8. Chewels Gum
  9. Bonkers!
  10. Care*Free Gum
  11. Crispy M&Ms

This prompted a search for other candies I enjoyed as a child. Bubble gum cigarettes are the closest I’ve ever come to really smoking. The stench of real smoke pretty much kept me away from them for life. There was a ShowBiz Pizza Place that we often visited and I remember candy buttons being sold there on long strips of paper. They never really held appeal for me, although I do remember trying them once. I also recall them being associated with acid or something along the lines of drugs.

I remember getting candy lipstick a few times at Valentine’s Day and marveling at how often other kids called it Valetime’s Day. LOL

I love to chew gum and while a lot of the newer stuff is too exotic for my tastebuds, there’s enough of the old standby stuff for my enjoyment. Chiclets Gum was always a favourite of mine, but the flavour I enjoyed most was only available at Halloween in those big bags of the two-piece boxes. It came in a blue box, but I don’t recall the name of the flavour. Fruit Stripe gum was another favourite. The fruity flavour seemed to last longer than the similar Juicy Fruit.

I remember after seeing the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I remember a friend and I went to the small shop around the corner from my house to buy all of the Willie Wonka candies they sold. One of them was the Gobstopper, which in reality was a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the Everlasting Gobstopper from the movie. The best candy that Willie Wonka made, in my humble opinion, was the children’s crack known as Fun Dip (also sold in straw-like sticks as Pixy Stix). Nerds were another favourite candy, though I wasn’t very adventurous in the flavours I liked, pretty much sticking to grape and strawberry, occasionally trying other flavours. Out of all of the Wonka candies I ate growing up, Spree is at the top of the list. They were the perfect rival to my other favourite candy SweeTarts. Although I must confess that I’m still miffed that they quit manufacturing the hard Giant SweeTarts in favour of the chewy ones. I tried the chewy ones and they were more than a little icky.

Pop Rocks are still a favourite that I pick up every now and then. I get a kick out of the urband legends associated with them. Most noteably that the kid from the LIFE commercials – Little Mikey – died after he ate Pop Rocks and drank soda. I think the only thing you’d get out of that is an upset stomach and one hyper child with all that sugar inside them.

Cinnamon Toothpicks were also a favourite purchase at the previously mentioned corner shop. Of course we never used them as toothpicks, prefering instead to just suck all the cinnamon flavouring from the wood that we could get.

Well, now that I’ve talked about all this candy, I think I’m going to go brush my teeth then search for a shop in my area that might sell some of this junk. LOL I remember when I lived in California there was a gas station near my house that sold just about any nostalgic candy you can think of….. *sigh*


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  1. Marathon is still made, they just renamed it Snickers for some PC reason. I don’t think Snickers suits it the same.

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