Prime Example

If anyone doubts how truly fucked up this country is, perhaps you didn’t hear about the guy who won $2 million in the Michigan lottery and is still allowed to collect foodstamps.

It’s easy enough to blame the State and say they are the ones who need to change policy with regard to those who collect foodstamps, but as is typical of the mindset of most Americans, we can’t take on any blame for ourselves. This guy found a loophole and is going to exploit it no matter what. I’m sure this same asshole would keep a wallet full of money found on the ground and not think twice about it.

You have $2 million dollars Mr Fick. That’s far more than most of us will see in our entire lifetime. I’m glad you’re proud to be a greedy bastard and make Michigan taxpayers pay for your food. A big thumbs up to you!!!

On a side note, I have to say I’m heartily amused by one anonymous commenter to the story:

If lottery winnings are “liquid assets” and not “income”, why do lottery winners have to pay income taxes on their winnings? Perhaps the next lottery winner should tell the IRS “Hey, it’s not income! It’s liquid assets!” and see how far it gets them. Hmmph.