Your life is boring. Yep. I said it. I don’t even know you (well, okay, I know some of you), but I do know one thing: your life is boring. Oh, you may think it’s a rollercoaster of emotion, full of unexpected highs and lows (I certainly feel that way about my own life and I loathe rollercoasters), but I guarantee that the moment a camera follows you around, your life will be as exciting as watching grass grow.

I came to this brilliant conclusion yesterday while talking with a co-worker. He knows someone related to one of the men on Swamp People on the History Channel. This guy was also on an episode of Wife Swap when it was airing. Apparently, when things aren’t exciting on those shows, the people behind the camera do their best to provoke some action. Nice, huh?

But that’s the reality of reality television. No one wants to see a mirror of their own boring lives played out on television, they want excitement. Excitement sells. Nothing less will do.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is what has destroyed what used to be an avid interest of mine: the paranormal. The moment someone decided to put investigations on television, the whole field was utterly destroyed. All of the investigation shows are reality television at its finest and most untrue. Ninety-nine percent of paranormal investigations are boring. Nothing happens. But who wants to watch a show where nothing really happens? Viewers would rather watch the investigators jump at every little sound, be scratched in places not readily viewable by a camera and have things thrown at them. That is entertainment.

So next time you think your life is too exciting, too stressful or too much of anything else you don’t like, turn on reality television and get a real dose of reality.