Unease in the Miss. Delta as floodwaters spread

I hate that these people will lose everything they have soon.

Mississippi River flood passes record at Natchez

Yeah, it’s only stuff, but let someone come take away everything you own and tell me you’re singing the same tune.

Louisiana prepares for flood surge as waters close Mississippi Casinos

I hate that any sacrifice has to be made so others can survive.

Resilience and memories run strong in Louisiana flood zone

This is Mother Nature and this is Her power.

How big is the Mississippi River flood?

I am amazed that the Army Corps of Engineers’ only option when trying to protect the middle part of the country from flooding was to pile up dirt along the river and let that hold water in. Genius.

Residents Along River Hope to Avoid Rising Water

Why, too, do we have to wait until the river is above flood stage, or threatening to be before relief measures are taken?

Who’s at Greatest Risk of Flooding?

There isn’t one life more valuable than another, yet so many act like there’s a difference.

I wish I lived anywhere but here.


2 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the affected areas right now. I wish there was more that I could do. I hate that it has to get to the point of no return before anything is done.

    Stay safe, m’dear!

  2. I really hope that you are safe at home. I have been wondering how much this is affectig where you live.

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