When an Island Isn’t an Island

Among all the talk of the Mississippi River overflowing everywhere, I hear that people living in condos on MudIsland in Memphis, TN have been evacuated. What??? I’ve been to MudIsland before. It’s an island. In the middle of the Mississippi River at Memphis. Or so I thought. I was on Google Maps yesterday looking for a satellite view of the Island so I could see for myself where on the island these condos were situated. The only island I could see in the river was big, but solidly green. Definitely not somewhere you’d have a park dedicated to the history of life along the main river flowing through the United States.

So I revisited Google Maps this morning and still saw nothing. Then I decided to do a search for MudIsland on Google Maps. Lo and behold, there it was. Sitting in the river, but not quite an island. More like a thumb of Memphis set in the river, still quite attached to the rest of the “hand” that is the City of Memphis. This island that’s not really an island has clearly changed from my memory. I could have sworn it was a true island standing alone in the centre of the river, but either my memory is faulty (the probable answer) or the river has changed course a bit allowing the connection of what was an island to the main land of the city.

The more I expect things to stay the same, the more they change. Just to spite me. LOL