The Best Part of the Airbrush Tan

I can’t believe I forgot the best part of getting the airbrush tan Sunday night!!!

Y’know all those videos you see on tv or, more often, on YouTube of dogs whose owners fit them with little booties to protect their paws? The poor dog “walks” around trying to kick them off, right? Well I know know how those poor doggies feel and I sympathise!!

Behold the Sticky Feet:

These beauties are just vague foot shaped pieces of thin foam with texture on one side and super stickiness on the other. They are meant to protect the bottom of your feet while the tops dry after you’ve gotten them tanned. I was eager to try them because my cousin (who started my dear mother in the biz) had them when she tanned my parents, but not me (because I went weeks before they did). I wrongly assumed that despite the ‘sticky’ in the name, these were actually booties along the lines of what doctors wear over their shoes during an operation. It wasn’t so bad when I first stepped on them, but as soon as I bent my foot and the full length of each toe was stuck on there, it drove me nuts. I walked around with them on for about an hour. I sympathised with booty-wearing doggies the world over for that hour.

My mother somewhat proudly informed me that when she wore them, she went to Walmart wearing them.

People of Walmart, where are you when my mother goes shopping?????


3 thoughts on “The Best Part of the Airbrush Tan

  1. I have this picture of you in my head where you are trying to shake those things off your feet saying “Out damned booty! Out I say!!” Oh that is too funny…’specially about the people of Walmart missing their photo op with your mother..don’t ya know they’re kicking themselves for that one! =D

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