‘Stunned’ Update

I was going to write this in the comments of my earlier post, but it’s too long and deserves a post of its own.

The Comic and Feisty met yesterday, apparently, without my prior knowledge nor my presence being required.

Childish as it may be, I’ve avoided talking to Feisty since that day at the hospital. She’s called three times and I’ve not returned her calls. I know I should, I just haven’t yet.

Apparently she was at the performance again yesterday – I’m assuming, though I don’t know for sure, that she was there with the Director. I didn’t linger after yesterday’s performance because I wanted to get home and change quickly before attending the cast party. Because I knew that no one I know would be there, I just changed and left.

At the party one of my friends informed me that someone had been looking for me after I left. Feisty had wanted to take me to dinner. Dispite knowing full well that the cast party was last night. The Comic was also there and told me that he and Feisty had met. I don’t know what her opinion is of him – if it’s changed or not – but I know he thought she was great. He said she’s fantastically weird (she is that) and she loved his ring (he’s a fanatic about rings).

I’m relieved to know that they met without me being around.


One thought on “‘Stunned’ Update

  1. It’s good that they met. Perhaps thoughts and perceptions about each other can change and the three of you can hang out and be good friends. Good friends are always desirable. 😉

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