I’ve been contemplating a post about the on-going union debates in Wisconsin and Ohio for a few days now and finally decided to sit down to type something.

To be honest, I can see both sides of the debate clearly and understand why people feel the way they do. Unions are both good and bad, but I don’t see them going away anytime soon.

Collective bargaining isn’t just about money. In fact, the union has agreed to forego raises, which means that the government can use that money for other means. Collective bargaining allows the union members, such as police officers, to ban together and bargain for flack jackets for every member of the police force instead of just a handful. That’s not anything that should really be up for negotiation, but it was in at least one county in Wisconsin. Do Republicans honestly believe that the police force – any police force – should be without protection?? Apparently they do.

I can understand having unions for police officers and fire fighters because their lives are at stake every day on the job. Teachers are fine with unions, but we really need to step up the education in the US. It cannot be the sole responsibility of the teachers to educate children. Parents need to be involved, too, but that will never happen until Corporate America stops demanding our entire lives be given in sacrifice for work.

As for the rest of government workers, it’s difficult for me to agree they should be allowed to unionize when there are no standards for hiring people. How can anyone justify giving tremendous benefits to such incompetent people??

The unions I really have issues with are the United Autoworkers Union. The days of working for one company your whole life are long gone. When I was young, I used to dream about such an opportunity for myself, but then I woke up and realised the American Worker has to look out for #1 because Corporate America don’t give a shit about you. I was really baffled when the US government had to bail out the auto manufacturers when our economy went south. The main reason they even needed a bail out was because of all of the money they pay out in pensions and healthcare for those pensioners. We the tax payers bailed them out and what did we get in return? Nothing. The American Tax Payer had to bail the company out to keep the old folk happy who “gave their lives to the companies.” Why not get off your high horse and retire like the rest of us do? Times are changing and so should you.