Unbelievable Greed of Americans

I just read that the 400 people whose seats weren’t available when they showed up for SuperBowl XLV are suing the NFL for $5 million dollars. What the fuck? It’s just a football game people.

I don’t understand why the initial offer wasn’t acceptable. The NFL were prepared to refund three times the face value of the tickets which were $800 (I can think of a lot of other things to spend $800 on before I piss it away on a football game) plus tickets to next year’s game. So that leaves $1,600 per person for air fare and hotel. You can’t convince me that ain’t adequate. In stead everyone requires $12,500 for “damages”.

The only thing damaged here are the brains of these greedy fans.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine whose father is struggling with work, tells me how at his last job he got sick, ended up in the hospital requiring surgery, was forced back to work before he was 100%, got injured again, and was fired for that. When the family sued the company, they got a meagre $12,000. To cover everything. How is that fair?

Way to go America. You really astound me.


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