Nothing in Life is Free

From the very start in our lives, most of us are taught that nothing in life is free. You have to work hard for, or otherwise pay for everything you want in life.

During this recession we’ve been going through over the last few years, most everyone has had to make adjustments financially. Families can’t eat out as often as they once did; their vacations are shorter or closer to home or spent at home; pretty much anywhere the “fat” can be trimmed it is so that the family can survive.

In light of this, I am at a loss when it comes to understanding why Americans won’t tolerate the government trying to do what it can to trim its financial fat and create a more balanced budget. People want the government to quit spending so much, but complain when it does so by cutting that same spending on various programs including the so-called entitlement programs. No one wants taxes raised either. So how, exactly, are we meant to pay off our debt with no further income? On a personal level if we lose our income, we are unable to pay off our debts. The same goes for the country.

And while it seems contradictory to invest or put money aside while we’re struggling to pay off current debts, it makes sense because if you are truly working on getting out of debt, there will come a time when your life is financially normal. You will need the investment for the future. I don’t have kids, but some of my friends do. All this moaning and groaning about the debt we will leave the future generations really irritates me, especially when no one wants to invest in education which should be our #1 priority. I think education over all in this country is a big joke, yet no one wants to fix it. That’s a bigger crime against future generations, in my opinion, than a debt that has been over our heads for a few generations now.

Something’s gotta give with all of this stubbornness rampant in this country.