Birthing Day

Chalk it up to reading too many historical fiction novels, but I think I prefer ‘birthing day’ to ‘birthday’. Anyway, in two days I’ll be celebrating my birthing day for the 39th time. I’m no longer terribly excited about this date as I get older, mostly because I guess I set myself up so often for disappointment. Perhaps I should drop the ‘birthing day’ celebration attempts in favour of an Unbirthday.

I don’t know why, but I thought I would create a list of gifts I would love to receive, yet haven’t, for whatever reason:

  1. Six seasons of the Animaniacs on DVD. (don’t ask why)
  2. Flowers
  3. A surprise visit from a friend.
  4. Phone calls from people who aren’t related to me wishing me a happy birthday. Preferably at midnight the day of…
  5. Being asked to lunch or dinner rather than asking if people want to get together for my “big day”.

I’ll probably keep adding to this list as ideas occurr to me this week.