It’s a Love/Hate Thing

There is a forum I joined three years ago this week and I joined it because of the wide variety of interesting topics therein. I love being a part of that community because there are many things I learn and I feel this broadens my horizon of intelligence. They talk about stuff I’ve never heard about or otherwise gave thought to in my whole life. But, at the same time I hate being a part of the forum because every last one of those individuals who are so smart look down on people like me because of what I may or may not believe regarding the paranormal. Granted, I’m now a fence sitter about most paranormal stuff, but I don’t express my beliefs particularly one way or the other because of the general attitude. They’re a bunch of intellectuals with superiority complexes that border on extreme. You can pretty much believe anything you want about any subject that has tangible proof, but if you believe in the paranormal, your intelligence is about as high as the ooze someone scraped off the bottom of the barrel.

The paranormal is quickly becoming, for me at least, a subject never discussed because I don’t want the headache of dealing with someone who looks down on me.