For Christmas 2010, I received many gifts for which I am thankful. I was also passed over for a gift because I didn’t commit to going somewhere.

But the gifts I treasure more than any others are the ones given to me by my friends:

home made strawberry jam
a book about ghost towns in AZ and NM
a book about ghosts in Boston
a rose quartz necklace
a tree planted
a beautiful altar cloth
a schnauzer tshirt
a game pet

Each of these means more to me than I could ever express. My life is truly blessed for their presence. And yet I am still a bit shocked when I receive a text from one saying she’d been thinking about me. I never expect anyone to give me a second thought.


4 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Am annoyed that something ordered in November and still not arrived prevented you getting your parcel from here.

  2. I’m not bothered Sea. Although I admit I thought American companies were the only slackers. 😛

  3. Unfortunately my limited finances prevents me from sending the one way plane ticket to England and the means to set yourself up until you are settled…but dat’s what I wanted to give! =) Your friendship is the greatest blessing in my life and I am grateful to know you! ((hugs))

  4. I think most of us.. (your friends) give you more then a second thought. 😛 and more often than I bet you would guess..
    Now to just mail what i got you out.. It seems I have a fear of post offices.. lol 😛

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